The Heroes Of Olympus English Literature Essay

This book, The Lost Hero, is the first installment in the three book series, The Heroes of Olympus. This series is a fantasy-adventure series, aimed towards teens. In short, a male child appears on a field trip and does n’t retrieve who he is, where he comes from, or even his ain name. The people who think they remember him, Piper McLean and Leo Valdez, think he is named Jason, and they think they have known him for months. These three teens develop a really tight bond throughout the book. This book has received multiple awards, as has the writer Rick Riordan. Personally, I love both series, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, every bit good as The Heroes of Olympus.

This narrative was told from a 3rd individual point of position, jumping from Piper to Leo to Jason ‘s points of position. Jason Grace, who cipher knows his last name or where he comes from until subsequently in the book, is a kid of the Roman God Jupiter, who is Zeus in Greece. He subsequently finds he is able to command the air currents so he can ‘fly ‘ and he can name down illuming from his male parent to protect him and his friends. Leo Valdez is an orphan. He ne’er knew his male parent as he left before he was born, and his female parent died in a fire at the machine store where she worked. He subsequently finds out his male parent is the Grecian God Hephaestus, God of fire and metalworking. Piper McLean is the girl of the celebrated histrion Tristan McLean, and her female parent left merely after she was born and left her male parent to care for her alone. She is able to merely inquire for something and people are about forced to give it to her. She subsequently finds this is a power of her Grecian goddess female parent, Aphrodite, called appeal speech production. She one time merely asked a auto trader if she could hold a trade name new Mercedes and he allow her drive it off the batch. She does these things to seek to acquire her male parents attending because he ne’er has clip for her. This causes her to be shipped off to another get oning school her male parent ‘s helpful secretary choices out across the state. Gleeson Hedge is the chaperone and gym instructor at their boarding school, the Wilderness School for bad childs. He is truly their defender as he knows that they are truly supermans, kids of Gods and persons, and he protects them from monsters seeking to kill them. He is a lecher, half adult male, half caprine animal. Dylan is a fellow pupil at the Wilderness school, but ends up being a venti, or storm spirit, in camouflage seeking to kill them. They meet Annabeth Chase, a girl of Athena, and Butch, a boy of Iris. Annabeth is looking for her fellow Percy Jackson, who is losing. Percy is the boy of Poseidon, the Greek God of the sea. Drew is another girl of Aphrodite at Camp Half-Blood. She is a autocratic caput counsellor for her cabin. Rachel Elizabeth Dare is a person at Camp Half-Blood and their Prophet. Hera is the married woman of Zeus and the God of adult females and matrimony, and her Roman opposite number is Juno. Gaea is the Mother of everything, including the Gods, the giants, the Cyclopes, the Titans, and many other things. Chiron is the caput counsellor at Camp Half-Blood and besides a centaur, or half Equus caballus, half human. Clovis is a kid of the minor God Hypnos, God of slumber. Thalia Grace is another kid of Zeus, but what is particular is that really seldom do Gods decorate a mortal with two kids, doing two supermans biological siblings. But this happened with Thalia and Jason ‘s female parent. Festus is a elephantine Celestial Bronze firedrake built by the Hephaestus cabin old ages earlier to protect the cantonment but has gone haywire. Boreas is the North Wind, besides known as his Roman signifier Aquilon. Aeolus is the maestro of all air currents, including North, South, east, west, and all the storm liquors. Khione is the goddess of snow, girl of Boreas. Helios is the Sun in Greece. King Midas can turn anything into gold, including living things, and his expletive can merely be reversed by running H2O. The Hunters of Artemis are led by Thalia, Jason ‘s sister. Mellie is an aura and helper to Aelous. Enceladus, one of the giants, was created to destruct the Greek goddess Athena. Porphyrion is the male monarch of giants, born to destruct Zeus.

This narrative was set in current clip, around October 2011, non long after the last book in the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, The Last Olympic, ended, in the United States and Canada. In the book, Jason wakes up on the coach with memory loss and does n’t even retrieve how old he is or his ain name. Piper says that she ‘s his girlfriend, and Leo claims to be his best friend. Dylan, a schoolmate at the Wilderness school for delinquent childs, turns into a venti on a field trip to the Grand Canyon. Jason pulls a coin out of his pocket, flips it, and it turns into an Imperial Gold blade. He fights off the venti, but it takes Coach Hedge ransom. Piper falls over the rail seeking to contend, and Jason leaps after her and is able to salvage both of them by commanding the air currents and ‘flying ‘ . Annabeth and Butch come looking for Percy Jackson, who has been losing three yearss now, pick them up and take them back to Camp Half-Blood. They crash in the lake, and non long after Leo is “ claimed ” by Hephaestus. On the circuit of the cantonment, in Hera ‘s cabin, the Oracle Rachel is possessed by Hera herself and uncover herself to Piper and asks her to liberate the goddess. Piper blacks out. While this is go oning, Leo is at the Hephaestus cabin and learns that his capableness to command fire is both rare and a expletive. It is unsafe to the user and anyone else near him because it usually brings devastation to the country. He is shocked to hear this because as a immature kid, Gaea provoked him to utilize his powers and he ended up killing his female parent as a consequence. Drew takes Jason to Chiron and he is puzzled when Chiron says “ You should be dead. ” He has a vision of Juno inquiring for his aid, and he learns from Clovis that his memories were stolen by Juno. He walks into his male parent ‘s cabin, Zeus, and finds a few exposures of who ends up being his sister Thalia. This sparks adequate memories for him to recognize his last name is Grace. At the balefire subsequently that dark, he proves he is a boy of Zeus by tossing his coin into a spear and hiting a bolt of lightning from it. He so accepts a pursuit to salvage Hera by the winter solstice, which is in four yearss. Rachel issued a prognostication that needs a kid of Hephaestus and a kid of Aphrodite to liberate Hera. Leo voluntaries and shortly after is able to acquire them air transit in the signifier of a messed up mechanical firedrake he names Festus. He attaches a set of wings he finds in an abandoned workshop called Bunker 9 that Festus shows him. Drew voluntaries, and Piper tries to halt her from traveling but she ca n’t because a kid of Aphrodite has to travel. She is so claimed by her ma proving that she can travel on this pursuit. The following twenty-four hours the three friends leave for Quebec to see Boreas, the North Wind in hopes of seeking to happen where Aeolus, the maestro of air currents, is. Leo develops a crush on Boreas ‘ girl, Khione, the goddess of snow. Leo has to remain by himself and ca n’t travel in the throne room since it is all ice and he can cite fire. Jason and Piper go on to run into Boreas, and when Boreas sees Jason ‘s tattoo, he transforms into his Roman signifier of Aquilon. They leave for Chicago, and are detoured when their firedrake falls out of the sky and into what they think is an derelict auto mill in Detroit. They encounter three Hyperborean Cyclopes, and Jason and Piper are captured. Leo is able to salvage them after Gaea contacts him. They recover from this armed robbery and go on on their manner. They decide to follow a group of air current liquors who go down a cloaca drain. Leo sends off Festus and tells him to non BBQ people and to listen for a safety whistling, which he summons from his charming tool belt he found in Bunker 9. They camp in the cloacas and Leo tells Jason and Piper about his ability to pull strings fire. Leo argues that it is a expletive, but Jason insists that it is a gift. After kiping, they continue to follow the cloaca and come to an lift. They use the lift and discover themselves in a promenade owned by the Princess of Colchis, who turns out to be an evil enchantress named Medea. She tries to carry Jason and Leo into killing each other by utilizing charmspeaking, and Piper saved them by countering Medea ‘s power with her ain, more powerful, charmspeak. Medea, in a despairing attempt, releases two Sun firedrakes, which are easy beaten by their ain firedrake Festus. They narrowly escape after delivering Coach Hedge from her. Festus once more malfunctions, and so, when he gets excessively close to a rich individual ‘s house, is shot out of the sky by optical masers, which after this all that survives is his caput. They crash land on the lawn of the sign of the zodiac belonging to King Midas, and when King Midas turns Leo and Piper into gold Jason is left to contend and get the better of the male monarch without being touched and turning into gold himself. After repairing Piper and Leo ‘s gold job, the three meets Thalia and her Hunters for the first clip in a cave on a versant. She explains that their female parent birthed two of Zeus ‘ kids, and that she gave Jason up to Hera at merely two old ages old. He besides finds out that Thalia ran off and shortly after their female parent died while imbibing and drive. Thalia takes them to Aeolus ‘ castle, which happens to drift and is docked on the same mountain they are resting on. They get separated when Leo gets nervous and starts to run the ice span that connects the castle to the mountain, and Thalia tells Jason that the Hunters will travel in front to the Wolf House and that he knows where it is and how to acquire at that place. He is puzzled because he does n’t retrieve of all time hearing anything about a Wolf House. They go up the mountain and are escorted by Mellie, Aeolus ‘ newest helper. When they eventually run into Aeolus, they are surprised to see that he is a conditions newsman. They find out that he had issued an order to kill all supermans, but so revoke this order and says that he was merely cranky when he issued it. He gets a call from an anon. beginning stating him to uncover the location of Enceladus at Mount Diablo. Between Jason and Mellie they are merely able to acquire the group off the drifting castle safely. Aphrodite transports them to San Francisco and Tells Piper who their true enemy is in a dream. When they get to Mount Diablo, Jason, Leo, and Coach Hedge attempt to deflect the elephantine Enceladus while Piper efforts to deliver her male parent. The elephantine releases Earthborn, but Leo and Piper kill them. Jason fights the elephantine himself and interrupt his spear in the procedure, making a immense crater. He prays to his male parent, and Zeus unleashes a lightning bolt that rips through Jason ‘s organic structure as he is standing on top of the elephantine, and it kills the elephantine since the lone manner to kill one is for a superman and a God to work together. The group gets a chopper and a pilot from the park service thanks to Piper ‘s ability to charmspeak, and this pilot flies them to the Wolf House, what they find out is truly Jack London ‘s place, a superman himself, minus Hedge and Piper ‘s male parent. The three clang lands and joins the Hunters, who are already neck deep in contending. They find Hera in a coop made of earthen tendrils and rock, with Porphyrion utilizing her power to refashion himself. Khione reveals herself as Gaea ‘s assistant, as she manipulated the Gods ‘ ideas. She freezes Thalia, and Leo goes caput to caput with her. Jason battles his 2nd giant of the twenty-four hours, as Piper uses charmspeak to seek to lull the coop into a slumber so Leo can do headroom of acquiring the goddess out. Jason distracts Porphyrion plenty for Hera to be released and to demo her godly signifier, which Jason looks into. He is knocked unconscious and it appears he dies like every other individual to of all time look at a God ‘s godly signifier, but Piper is able to convey him back from the dead utilizing charmspeak and Hera transports them all as if by magic to Camp Half-Blood. After the quest, Piper goes back to her cabin and challenges Drew to a affaire d’honneur for caput counsellor, but Drew surrenders the rubric to Piper. Leo reveals Bunker 9 and his fire pull stringsing ability to Piper, Jason, Chiron, and the remainder of Hephaestus cabin. The Hephaestus cabin nem con votes Leo caput counsellor and interrupt their expletive. Chiron tells them that a map in the Bunker is from the Civil War, which had two sides to it. There was the human side which everyone knows about, and there was the demigod side. This conflict forced the Gods to maintain the two groups of supermans as far apart as possible. Leo shows everyone a set of designs and a drawing of an aerial war vessel he made as a kid with Festus ‘ caput as the flag. He names the ship Argo II. They make programs to construct the war vessel and travel to the original Mount Olympus in Greece in the summer to protect the Gods “ roots ” and to halt Gaea from lifting any farther. Juno comes to Jason and reveals herself as his frequenter and says she is watching over him. She gives him a gladius to replace his lance/sword. Jason is taken to a meeting of all the cabin leaders and reveals that the Greek and Roman cantonments were ne’er cognizant of the other because they both hated but respected each other. He says he was a leader of his cantonment and helped in the 2nd Titan war by destructing Mount Othrys and get the better ofing the Titan Krios. They all decide to happen the Roman cantonment in San Francisco and Annabeth wants to come with them as they realize that Percy Jackson was likely traded to the Roman cantonment and has no thought who he is. The struggle was that Jason did n’t hold a hint who he was, so this hindered some of his abilities. This was partly an external struggle in the regard that everyone could see he could n’t retrieve anything, but portion of it was internal because he could n’t retrieve anything from his yesteryear, non even his ma or sister. The struggle has n’t been resolved yet, but there is still more books in the series so it may be solved subsequently on.

Jason, Leo and Piper all learned that teamwork is everything because multiple times if it was n’t for one member of the squad none of them would hold survived. While some people say the writer was excessively elaborate, I like narratives with a batch of item so you can truly acquire a sense of what ‘s go oning. You are in suspense for about the full book, believe me. You get to a portion in a good battle and you ca n’t even set the book down. The Lost Hero was written because Rick Riordan wrote the Percy Jackson & A ; The Olympians series and fans wanted more myths and more Roman material to be brought into it, non all Greek. A batch of what was stated in the book was existent with a turn. The Civil war truly did go on, but I ‘m pretty sure there was n’t a demigod side to it. The Grecian and Roman Gods were believed to be, along with supermans and a batch of the monsters. While this is all merely myths, it is intertwined in history more than most would believe. Some people still believe the Earth is Gaea, and temblors are her peal over sleepless.

I think the book was interesting to read because of all the Grecian words. Some may happen it disputing, while others likely wo n’t. I perfectly loved the book, as with most of Rick Riordan ‘s books including the Kane Chronicles, and the Percy Jackson & A ; The Olympians. I would extremely urge this book to anybody who likes an involved book and mythology.

All in all, I ca n’t wait to read the following books in the series, as I would anticipate anyone else would who reads the first 1. While Jason, Leo and Piper go through some wild times, they have fun and learn things about being supermans along the manner.

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