Secrets In The Scarlet Pimpernel English Literature Essay

What happens when people gossip or tell each other secrets? Is this harmful? Can it be a good thing? Are secrets of all time good to maintain? Peoples will likely differ on reply to these inquiries. It may be that everyone can believe of a secret that they kept or heard. In maintaining or stating a secret, both good and bad consequences are possible. In order to understand if it is of all time right to maintain secrets, one can specify secret, look for illustrations in Bible, and analyze the causes and effects secrets have on Sir Percy ‘s and Marguerite ‘s matrimony in The Scarlet Pimpernel.

What is deceit? A prevarication is something that is untrue about person and can ache. Misrepresentation can be used to flim-flam person into believing in something that is n’t true. Some deceits make people think about person in the incorrect manner. A secret is a type of misrepresentation where a piece of information is unbroken private from a individual or group of people. A secret may really be true. In contrast, a misrepresentation normally does non affect true information. A clear apprehension of secrets can be achieved by reexamining equivalent word, opposite word and related footings, definitions, and illustrations of secrets.

A good topographic point is to look is in a synonym finder for opposite word, equivalent word and related footings. Synonyms can give extra sunglassess of significance that aid to demo the significance of a word. Some equivalent word from the Roget ‘s International Thesaurus for the term secrets are assurance, private, personal mode, confidential, and privileged communicating. Some more equivalent words from the Roget ‘s International Thesaurus for the term secret are deep, dark secret, classified information, restricted information and enigma. Antonyms are utile because they give a different position of the significance of a word by looking at its antonyms. Some pseudonym from for the term secrets are unfastened and manifest. One might besides utilize related words to specify secret such as in secret, secretness, nonsecret, nonsecretly, and unsecretly. Synonyms, pseudonym, and related footings are helpful, but the best manner to cognize what a word means is by looking up its definition.

Definitions are a good manner to understand secrets. A definition gives an exact significance of a word. Looking up a word in more than one lexicon can supply several near, but somewhat different definitions of the same term. The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, secret is defined as “ something kept hidden from others or known merely to oneself or to a few. ” In the Merriam Webster ‘s Collegiate Dictionary, it is defined as “ something kept from the cognition of others or shared merely confidentially with a few. ” In the Scholastic Children ‘s Dictionary, the word secret is defined as “ something that is unbroken hidden or that merely a few people know. ” On the web site, secret is defined as “ something that is or is kept secret, concealed, or concealed. ” The definitions are all somewhat different, but they all emphasize the non-disclosure or concealment of information.

In add-on to looking up the dictionary definition of a word, one can besides look in books for illustrations of secrets. The Bible contains several narratives where characters kept secrets. One is the narrative of Moses whose birth is unbroken secret every bit good as his true heritage when he is discovered by the Pharaoh ‘s girl and raised as her boy even though he is the kid of Hebrew slaves ( New King James Version, Exodus 1 ) . Another narrative in The Holy Bible is the narrative of Rehab. Rehab is a cocotte, who hides the undercover agents who were sent out by Joshua to descry the land, particularly Jericho. Rehab hides the undercover agents on her rooftop under some flax, and she keeps it a secret from the male monarch that the undercover agents are at that place ( Joshua 2 ) . In The Scarlet Pimpernel, by Baroness Orczy, Sir Percy keeps secret his individuality as the Scarlet Pimpernel and alternatively make-believes to be a cockamamie, rich adult male ( 50 ) . Examples give yet another manner to understand the significance of a word.

Examples are the best manner to better understand secrets, but other ways one can understand the word is by looking at equivalent word, opposite word, related footings and definitions. Synonyms, such as confidential and private, give extra sunglassess of significance. Antonyms, such as unfastened and manifest, by their nature as antonyms focus the attending on what is non meant by the term. Related footings such as in secret can give elusive accent which helps one to understand the word better. Finally, definitions such as “ something that merely a few people know ” conveying comprehensiveness to one ‘s apprehension of the word. By looking at several definitions, one can come to a better apprehension or cognition of the word. One can non establish a strong relationship on secrets. Sing the impact of a secret is easier when it involves aliens such as the characters in a narrative.

Even a narrative can hold its secrets. Some inside informations of a individual ‘s life many people know. For illustration, many people may cognize a individual ‘s name, the auto they drive, or their phone figure. Most people like to maintain some inside informations of their life private, so a individual may non state other people their age. A individual may state her best friend the inside informations of her private life which may include her love involvements or past errors. These issues of life are non new. God has given us His penetration in His disclosure to adult male, The Bible. One can look in the Bible and read about people who keep secrets including Jacob, Rahab and David.

Jacob, the boy of Isaac, had many secrets. Isaac had two boies who were twins. The eldest was Esau, but God had promised that Jacob, the 2nd born boy, would be served by his older brother ( New King James Version, Gen. 25.23 ) . Jacob, at the petition of his female parent, lied about his individuality to acquire his male parent to bless him ( Gen. 27 ) . As consequence of the prevarication, he was forced to populate away from his household for the remainder of their lives. He ne’er saw his female parent once more, so it would look he paid a immense monetary value for his prevarication. When he fled from his angry brother to populate with his uncle, he besides kept secrets from his uncle about the flock and how many caput he owned ( Gen. 30.42 ) . When Jacob decided to return to his fatherland, he left in secret without stating his uncle, Laban ( Gen. 31.20 ) . His uncle chased him down, and merely God speech production in a dream to Laban protected Jacob from Laban ‘s wrath. Work forces are non the lone 1s who keep secrets ; adult females have been known to maintain secrets every bit good.

Rahab kept a secret that helped the kids of Israel during their history. While the kids of Israel waited by the river Jordon after traversing into the promised land, Joshua sent the undercover agents into the land to garner information about the people populating at that place particularly in the metropolis of Jericho. Rahab was a cocotte who lived on the wall of the City of Jericho. She helped the undercover agents when they were concealing from the male monarch who wanted to kill them because he feared the Israelites. She hid them under flax chaffs on her roof. She kept their location a secret from the male monarch. As a consequence of her aid and the prevarication that she told, the undercover agents were able to get away. The prevarication Rahab told allowed the undercover agents to return to Joshua, study on the metropolis, and as a consequence of her aid, Rahab and her household were spared when the Israelites attached Jericho ( Josh. 2 ) . While it might non be surprising that a cocotte, a worldly adult female of questionable moral character, kept secrets, it is interesting to happen that even a godly king kept secrets.

David, even though he was anointed male monarch by God, had some secrets in his life. David was a shepherd. He was born the youngest boy of Jesse of the folk of Judah ( I Sam. 16 ) . David was forced to maintain his location secret for many old ages because Saul was trailing him and seeking to kill him ( 1 Sam. 17-22 ) . Later, after David is governing as King in Jerusalem, David commits criminal conversation with Bathsheba. He kept his matter secret. Subsequently, when she got pregnant by him, he tried to cover it by holding her hubby semen place. When that did n’t work, he put her hubby in a place in conflict where he was killed ( 2 Sam. 11.15 ) . He kept these things secret until Nathan the prophesier confronted him ( 2 Sam. 12 ) . Describing what happened to him during this clip, David wrote, “ when I kept silent, my castanetss grew old through my moaning all the twenty-four hours long. ” ( Ps. 32.3 ) David ‘s boy by Bathsheba died because of his wickedness ( 2 Sam. 12.14 ) . Regardless of whom the individual is, secrets can convey problem and injury to the individual maintaining the secret every bit good as others near to them.

The Bible tells narratives of existent people who lived and had secrets, like Jacob, Rahab and David. Jacob ‘s fraudulence in stealing the approval from his brother caused him to be separated from his household for most of his life. His fraudulence with Laban, allowed him to construct his flocks, but his relationship with Laban was strained. Laban merely refrained from facing Jacob because of God ‘s speech production to him in a dream. Rahab ‘s secret really saved her and her household. David ‘s fraudulence resulted in the decease of Bathsheba ‘s hubby every bit good as David ‘s first boy by Bathsheba. Sometimes the monetary value is high. Secrets are common among people, and their effects are many particularly in relationships.

What if two people decide to get married like this twosome in Figure 1?

Figure 1 Happy Couple on Wedding Day ( unknown )

Some people say it is n’t deserving the problem and grief. Is there such a thing as “ happy of all time after ” in a relationship? Should flawlessness be portion of the equation of matrimony? Is it adequate to be happy most of the clip? What if one is merely happy some of clip? Peoples may differ. For Sir Percy and Marguerite, maintaining secrets had three important effects on their matrimony: misgiving, misinterpretation, and menace to life.

The first consequence on their matrimony was distrust which occurs in many matrimonies today. Harmonizing to The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, “ misgiving ” means “ deficiency of trust ; uncertainty or scruple ; intuition. ” The Scarlet Pimpernel by Baroness Orczy includes several illustrations of the deficiency of trust between Marguerite and Sir Percy. One illustration of Marguerite ‘s misgiving was when Marguerite found out her brother was traveling to be arrested if she did n’t assist Chauvelin. She did n’t state Sir Percy this of import information because she felt he was excessively silly ( Orczy 90-91 ) . As a consequence, she kept the secret of her brother ‘s job and tried to decide it by herself which led to her by chance bewraying her hubby. It was besides obvious that Sir Percy did non swear Marguerite either since he did n’t portion his secret individuality as the Scarlet Pimpernel with her. Marguerite had given away inside informations of blue blood ‘s programs to get away and when the information was revealed to the governments, they were sent to the closure by compartment, so Sir Percy did n’t believe she could be trusted ( Orczy 133 ) . Ultimately, they both were feigning which led to mistrust between them.

Many times distrust is non the lone consequence ; there is besides misconstruing. Harmonizing to The Holy Bible, the virtuous married woman behaves in such a manner that “ the bosom of her hubby safely trusts her ” ( Prov. 31.11 ) . This means that it is by one ‘s behavior that one conveys trustiness. Sir Percy, in The Scarlet Pimpernel, did non swear his married woman and portion of the ground was because he misunderstood her bosom. He believed that she did non love him any longer. That misconstruing caused him to draw back from her and to handle her with coldness. Marguerite misunderstood Sir Percy ‘s coldness towards her and thought he did n’t love her ( Orczy 131 ) . The misinterpretation between them threatened their matrimony. It about got them both killed ( Orczy 242 ) . Misinterpretations do go on and can ache a relationship.

Some misinterpretations can get down a battle, but other misinterpretations can be so serious as to even endanger one ‘s life. Sir Percy ‘s and Marguerite ‘s lives were in danger because of their secrets. Marguerite provided Chauvelin information about a meeting that the Scarlet Pimpernel was traveling to hold. As consequence of that information, Chauvelin learned that Sir Percy was likely the Scarlet Pimpernel or associated with him ( Orczy 124 ) . Chauvelin followed Sir Percy to France, and about had him captured because of the information Marguerite provided to him ( Orczy 208-209 ) . At the terminal of the narrative, Marguerite feared that Sir Percy and her brother and those with him had all been killed by Chauvelin and his work forces. She feared that all was lost until the Jew, who was badly beaten by Chauvelin revealed himself to be her loving hubby, Sir Percy ( Orczy 256 ) . The narrative ended good, but for a period of clip, it seemed hope was lost and all would decease in France.

Distrust and menaces to life were important effects on Sir Percy and Marguerite but one may believe that misinterpretation is the chief consequence of their secrets. Their misgiving of each other led to each misconstruing the other ‘s bosom. Misinterpretations caused each of them to close the other one out emotionally. Since they were shut out of each other ‘s life, they had many secrets from each other. Marguerite had secrets about her brother. Sir Percy had secrets about his individuality. Life endangering state of affairss occurred in their relationship as a consequence. The secrets that one keeps in his or her matrimony may hold effects on their partner and even their ain life.

By analyzing the causes and effects secrets have on Sir Percy ‘s and Marguerite ‘s matrimony one can see the complexness of replying the inquiry if it is of all time right to maintain secrets, but it is besides possible to understand the causes and effects by specifying secrets and looking for illustrations in Bible. Understanding the term secret is easiest if one looks to examples. Synonyms, Antonyms, definitions and related footings help one to understand the word better. Actual narratives from The Holy Bible such as the narratives of Jacob, Rahab and David illuminate the motives, jobs and even some benefits of secrets. Finally, looking at the characters of Sir Percy and Marguerite and the secrets they kept can demo us the deductions of secrets being kept from the people closest to us. Distrust and misinterpretations led Sir Percy and Marguerite to maintain secrets from each other. The secrets they kept threatened non merely their relationship, but besides their lives. For some people, secrets are a manner of life, and they use them to carry through what they want.

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