Saint Elizabeth Of Portugal English Literature Essay

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal is the Patron Saint of Peace. Her life was dedicated to the hapless, and she systematically made peace between her household and many others.

Saint Elizabeth of Portugal was born in 1271. She was named after her grandaunt known as the great Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. She was the girl of the male monarch of Aragon. She married to King Diniz of Portugal at the age of 12 and she became Queen of Portugal before she was a adolescent. ( Library of Congress ) .

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Saint Elizabeth ‘s life was dedicated to the hapless. She established orphanhoods and she provided shelter for the homeless, although it was said that she was out by her unfaithful hubby to be sort and give to the hapless. She had suffered old ages of criminal conversation and maltreatment. Elizabeth was the female parent of Princess Constantia and Prince Affonso. ( Cirurgiao ) .

In 1323, forces of the Prince and King opened civil war. Elizabeth went onto the battleground between them and was able make peace between her hubby and boy and prevented bloodshed. This led her to be the Patron of Peace. Diniz died in 1325, his boy wining him as Affonso IV. St. Elizabeth so retired to a convent of Poor Clares which she had founded at Coimbra, where she took the Franciscan Tertiary wont, wishing to give the remainder of her life to the hapless and ill in obscureness. ( Appleton, Robert )

Her peace twenty-four hours is celebrated on July 8. Saint Elizabeth of Portugal was canonized by Pope Urban VIII in 1625. She died on July 4th 1336, she was 65 old ages of age, she died of a febrility ( Cirurgiao ) .

I admire her forbearance to do peace. I would wish to be more patient and do peace between others more frequently. Elizabeth ‘s life was hard sing that she suffered through old ages of criminal conversation and maltreatment. ( Library of Congress ) .

She was patient and soft. She loved her hubby even though he had many mistakes and did non O.K. of her giving to the hapless. Saint Elizabeth loved her kids and continued to do peace throughout her kids ‘s lives. ( Library of Congress )

Saint Elizabeth was brave for being a conciliator. She loved God and she prayed a batch. She has prevented the decease of many by assisting them happen peace.

I admire Saint Elizabeth for her forbearance and trueness, every bit good as her fidelity. I besides admire her doggedness. She loved assisting the hapless and felt compassion for them. She sheltered them and gave nutrient to them. She besides helped them happen God through supplication ( Library of Congress ) .

Saint Elizabeth attended church and stayed faithful to God throughout her life. Although she had underwent a series of tests which she endured with gallantry ( Library of Congress ) .

Saint Elizabeth besides was much like her aunt, whom she was named after, Saint Elizabeth of Hungary. Just like her aunt she was patient and lovingness.

Saint Elizabeth was strong, selfless and she was non selfish. She was sort, lovingness, and loving. You can state her religious life was healthy because the fruits of the spirit were apparent her life. The fruits of the spirit are: love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, gradualness, fidelity, generousness and self-denial. Since the fruits of the spirit were present in her life that means she used her gifts, every bit good as stayed stopping point to God through supplication. The gifts of the spirit are: wisdom, understanding, cognition, advocate, fortitude, piousness, fright of the Godhead. Saint Elizabeth of Portugal was loving, sort, gentle, faithful, generous, and she had self-denial.

Saint Elizabeth, saw God in lazars excessively. She served them a repast. She besides washed them after with her ain custodies, bandaged their lesions and replaced their apparels with clean apparels. ( Cirurgiao ) Saint Elizabeth was a really smart adult females. She knew different sorts of mending techniques to hurts. She was good educated for person from that twenty-four hours in age. She used her marvelous cognition of medical specialty to mend many people. Her cognition of medical specialty was marvelous ( Cirurgiao ) .

I can associate to Saint Elizabeth ‘s battles, because sometimes it ‘s difficult to be a conciliator and convey peace to a universe of struggle. I would wish to be like Saint Elizabeth because she was a princess and a conciliator, nevertheless, I would non hold liked to endure through old ages of criminal conversation and maltreatment like she did. I can associate to her battles, because sometimes it ‘s difficult to be a conciliator.

I chose Saint Elizabeth of Portugal because she is the

Patron of Peace. I wanted to larn about her battles and her achievements. Besides, every bit good the grounds behind her backing.

Saint Elizabeth is an illustration to everyone on how to be a conciliator. Besides how to be a good female parent, married woman and friend. She has taught us all how to set aside are differences and merely be friends. However, there are still many wars and struggles, all around the universe today. There are besides peace pacts traveling on or peace pacts that are developing. We should all follow in Saint Elizabeth of Portugal the Peacemaker ‘s footfalls and do peace among us. You merely necessitate to get down little so dispersed peace around the universe. Saint Elizabeth had made peace between her household, friends, and many others.

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