Romeo And Juliet Play By Shakespeare English Literature Essay

Romeo and Juliet drama is based on the Shakespeare narrative of Romeo and Juliet the two immature lovers who died for each other in 1594.The scene of the drama is in Verona where the two households of the lovers have non been in good footings for a piece. The two lovers take their lives and this takes off the discord and choler between their households. Sampson and Gregory are Capulet workers who claim that they will non suit abuses from Montague household. Abram and Balthasar are Montague employees show up and the four starts to reason. Benvolio Montague ‘s nephew shows up and attempts to halt the wrangle Tybalt Capulet ‘s nephew picks a battle with him.

Romeo attends a party at Lord Capulate ‘s house where he ‘s kept in charge of reading the guest list. He meets Juliet and falls in love with her and so does she though she should be get marrieding Paris who is prince of Verona kinsman. The two are in secret married by Friar Laurence in his cell. Tybalt kills Mercutio and flees but Romeo finds him and putting to deaths him which leads to his ostracism. Juliet visits Friar who gives her some distilled spirits to maintain her dead for 42 hours so that she can lose her marrying with Paris and Romeo would pick her from the Capulate grave and take her to Mantua. She does precisely that but their program fails because Friar does non direct the missive to Romeo on clip stating him of the program about Juliet ‘s bogus decease. Romeo takes the toxicant which he had bought illicitly from a hapless Apothecary who needed the money. When Juliet wakes up and finds Romeo dead by her side, she takes his sticker and kills herself excessively.

This assignment will include analysis of the Romeo and Juliet drama, comparing and contrast of this drama with the drama Twelfth Night or What you will by the same author William Shakespeare. Twelfth dark drama is a drama about a immature Duke Orsino who falls in love for a long clip with the beautiful Olivia but she does non experience the same manner because her brother has passed off. Viola comes to Illyia after her brother Sebastian drowns and attempts to copy Olivia ‘s life manner by masking herself as a adult male and altering her name to Cesario. She starts working for the Duke who favors her over the other employees and asks her to prosecute Olivia on his behalf. Cesario finds out that “ he ” has fallen for the Duke. “ He ” finds out that Olivia has fallen for “ him ” and it gets complicated because “ he ” is a adult female and Duke loves her. Sebastian had been rescued by his best friend Antonio and they set to travel to Illyia though Antonio has adequate enemies at that place.

Andrew, Toby and Maria set up Malvorio with Olivia by composing him a missive purportedly from Olivia stating him that she loves him and requests him to dress and act in a manner that will rag her. The program works out and Malvorio is put in gaol. Sebastian is given money by Antonio whom he subsequently claims from Cesario who has no thought who he is taking to his apprehension. Andrew and Toby beat up Sebastian thought he was but Olivia rescues him where he falls frantically in love with her and promises to get married her. They marry in secret but subsequently she gets huffy at Cesario for interrupting the matrimony promise made by Sebastian. Cesario admits her love for Orsino and everyone is shocked to detect that Cesario and Sebastian are indistinguishable twins. The Duke agrees to get married viola who admits being a adult female and Olivia agrees to get married Sebastian

Analysis of Romeo and Juliet Play

Romeo and Juliet drama can be classified as a calamity. This is because the narrative ends unhappily with the autumn of the tragic hero ( supporter ) who in this instance is Romeo. This can be supported by the fact that Romeo had a descent birth, made hapless determinations often and passed through a batch of enduring. Romeo who is the tragic hero in the drama possesses the quality of baronial birth which is characteristic of tragic hero ‘s. He is born in the Montague household which is celebrated and extremely respected in the metropolis of Verona. Benvolio in Act 1, Scene 1, Line 141 negotiations of his baronial uncle who is Romeo ‘s male parent. He besides comes from a really rich household which earns him a batch of regard as seen in Act 1, Scene 5, Lines 65-66 where Lord Capulate says that “ Verona self-praises of him and bears him as a partially gentleman ” . This implies that even his enemies acknowledge the regard given to him by the citizens. Romeo has a tragic defect which is falling in love so fast and intensely with Rosaline and Juliet which leads him to his grave. Goddard ( p. 40 ) says that looking for a tragic defect in Romeo or Juliet is imprudent and pointless. In Act 2, Scene 2, lines 117-118 Juliet Tells Romeo that it is excessively indurate, excessively undivided and excessively disconnected.

He has besides made several hapless determinations like go toing Capulet ‘s party where he ends up run intoing Juliet. In Act 1, Scene 4, line 113 he tells Mercutio to direct his semivowel so that they can head for the party. If Romeo did non interfere with the battle between Mercutio and Tybalt, they both could non hold died and he would n’t hold been banished from Verona which kept him off from Juliet. This is illustrated in Act 3, Scene 1, line 1290 where he tells Tybalt that either of them or both must fall in Mercutio in his grave. His last and stupid determination was when he chose to take the toxicant as shown in Act 5, Scene 3, line 120 where he in conclusion says that the Apothecary drugs are fast and with a buss he dies. If he could hold waited merely for a piece, he would hold seen Juliet alive and they both would non hold died. Because of him, Juliet disagrees with her male parent, drinks the distilled spirits and finally knife herself to decease with his sticker.Romeos hapless determinations and tragic defect causes more injury to others than himself. The moral lesson for this drama is that people should take their clip before they can detest, love and do of import determinations in life.

Comparison between twelfth dark drama and Romeo and Juliet drama

The two dramas Romeo and Juliet and The Twelfth dark are both based on love narratives by William Shakespeare. In both instances, the drama supporters are immature work forces who fall in and out of love with two beautiful adult females. As portrayed by Ford ( p.172 ) , they are ill Trapa bicorniss of love. At the beginning of the drama, Romeo is frantically in love with Rosaline but at the terminal falls for Juliet merely like Orsino is with Olivia but ends up falling for Viola and marries her. In both instances, the two gentlemen are besides really rich and do their determinations ill. In the instance of Romeo, he made hapless determinations by accepting to go to the Capulet party, seeking to halt the battle between Tybalt and Mercutio which led to their deceases and his ostracism and taking the toxicant when he finds Juliet “ dead ” . Orsino on the other manus, he tells Cesario to court Olivia on his behalf which led to her falling for Cesario who is a adult female. He besides decides to get married Viola who had acted as a adult male all along and even asked him to court Olivia. In both instances, the two work forces do non stop up with the adult females they love. Romeo ends up killing himself because Juliet is “ dead ” while Orsino ends up get marrieding Cesario after being in love with Olivia for a long clip.

The diacetylmorphine ‘s of the dramas are portrayed as independent, strong and beautiful adult females who take their clip to do determinations, know what they want and go for it. Juliet is supposed to get married Paris who is a prince but when she sees Romeo, she falls in love with him and programs to run off with him. Olivia on the other manus falls in love with Cesario and even gives him her ring. They are besides adult females from really rich and influential background. This is seen in ( p. 88 ) where Orsino tells Cesorio to state Olivia that “ my love is more baronial than the universe ” and he ‘s non interested in her wealths but her.

The scenes of scene of the dramas are besides similar in the sense that the chief characters are both from rich backgrounds and have people at their service who are less rich.

Contrast between Romeo and Juliet drama, and twelfth dark drama

Romeo and Juliet drama can be categorized as a tragic narrative because of its sad stoping of the two lovers deceases while 12th dark drama is categorized as a romantic comedy because it ends with matrimony jubilations. Orsino who is the supporter of the 12th dark, he seems to be merely infatuated with Olivia because he ends up get marrieding Viola who he had thought was a adult male unlike Romeo who has true love for Juliet and even dies for her as shown by Illouz ( p. 153 ) . The diacetylmorphines besides are different in their manner of loving. Juliet decides to take her life when she finds out that Romeo is dead but Olivia decides to get married Cesario ‘s twin Sebastian when she finds out that Cesario is a adult female.

The moral lessons of the two dramas are besides different. The moral lesson of Romeo and Juliet drama is that people should take their clip and believe carefully before they can do of import determinations while the twelfth dark play educates people on love harmonizing to Wendler and Tanya ( P. 34 ) who says that if we accept the dramas subject to be instruction on love, and the romantic lover so thought of As you like it is repeated.


This assignment was meant to analysis the William Shakespeare drama of Romeo and Juliet, comparison and contrast it with the Twelfth dark drama by the same author but reviewed by Ratri Ray. The drama Romeo and Juliet is a tragic love narrative of two immature lovers who kill themselves for each other while the Twelfth dark drama is a romantic comedy with unhappy stoping of marrying bells. The moral lesson of Romeo and Juliet drama is that people should take their clip while doing of import determinations while Twelfth Night drama educates on love and love affair. The chief similarities between the two dramas were, hapless determination devising by the supporters of the drama every bit good their rich backgrounds. The heroines are besides demonstrated as independent, rich, bold, intelligent and good determination shapers. Love forms the subjects and footing of the two dramas.They were different in their moral lessons and besides the strength of love. Juliet kills her ego when she finds out that Romeo is dead but Olivia marries Sebastian after recognizing that Cesario whom she was in love with was a adult female. Orsino besides marries Viola though he claimed to hold loved Olivia for long.

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