Poetry Essay

Poetry Essay In the poem, Poem for People That Are Understandably Too Busy to Read Poetry, the diction, or mood, set author Stephen Dunn is one of humor. He puts the reader in a jokingly fun mindset so that the poem is easy to read. The poem is such an easy read; it also begs the question of whether or not it is a real poem. At the same time, it has something for every type of reader to be interested in and enjoy. In the first line of the poem, the reader can already tell how light-hearted this poem is going to be and how it is not going to be a “traditional” poem.

Using words like relax puts the readers’ mind at ease so that they are actually able to enjoy the reading. Also, when Dunn puts phrases like, “This won’t last long. Or if it does, or if the lines make you sleepy or bored, give in to sleep, turn on the T. V. , deal the cards. ” the reader can understand how light and airy the author wanted this to be. The entire poem consistent of jokes and wittiness which keeps a smile on the reader’s faces. After the light-heartedness sinks in, the reader can get the feeling that the poem may be unreal. One can beg the question; is this for real?

There is no rhyming, no real form, or any sort of flow that most people are used to when it comes to poetry. Most people think of poetry like reading a love song. Also, people except poems to have some sort of rhythm and flow and a certain structure to follow. This poem clearly does not follow any type of literary structure that people learn to expect. Throughout the entire reading, it sometimes feels more like a regular story rather than a poem. As the poem continues, the reader realizes that there is something entertaining for everyone.

Dunn speaks sex, manliness, and love so he can grab everyone’s attention. He claims that his poem is “for the entire family”. It does come off that way with the ease it was written with and level of humor it contains. From grade school to retirement, anyone who can read and understand slight irony and humor can find some sort of joy when reading this poem. The length also makes the poem reader friendly. Especially with today’s society, readers want to get to the point much faster and not have to wait for the climax.

All of these attributes truly set the mood for a witty laughable poem for everyone to like. From grabbing the audience’s attention with the choice of words Dunn used, to the nonconventional style of writing, this piece of writing puts the reader in a different mindset than a traditional poem would. Poem for People That Are Understandably Too Busy to Read Poetry does not pretend to be something that it is not, which in exchange can be why it is so much more accepted by a wider variety of readers.

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