A Walk To Remember Film Scene Story English Literature Essay

You ‘ve merely seen the begin scene of A Walk To Remember. The cat of in the ruddy auto is Landon Carter, who is one of two chief characters in this film. He ‘s a “ bad cat ” , one of the popular male childs at school. Although he gets off without any prosecution, Landon is punished by the school principal for this buffoonery: he has to assist pupils with larning jobs and he has to subscribe up for play category, to play in the school ‘s spring drama. Performing on phase in forepart of his friends will set him in the place of those Landon and his friends so frequently ridicule, so he gets the chief function. There he gets to cognize Jamie Sullivan, who besides has an of import function in the drama. She ‘s the other chief character in A Walk To Remember. She ‘s the clergyman ‘s girl and is really spiritual. Because of her involvements and her expression, Landon is n’t truly interested in this miss. In fact, he ever makes merriment of her with his friends.

But when it appears that Landon has a batch of troubles on larning his lines for the school drama, he has no pick but inquiring Jamie for aid. She says she will, but merely on one status: he has to assure that he wo n’t fall in love with her. Landon laughs and says that wo n’t be a job at all.

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But practising together, he gets to cognize Jamie better and puts his biass aside: after all, she truly is n’t that different from all other adolescents. Jamie tells him about a list of things she wants to make in her life: she wants to acquire a tattoo, be in two topographic points at one time and get married in the church her female parent did, who died in parturiency. She besides explains why she believes in God: merely like the air current she can non see Him, but she can experience it.

At the premiere of the school drama, Jamie plays an angel and is dressed truly beautiful, she wears makeup and a beautiful frock. For the first clip in his life, Landon is perplex by Jamie ‘s beauty. Because of that, he forgets his lines, merely able to state “ You are beautiful ” . After these words he kisses her, nevertheless that was n’t in the book.

After the premiere, Landon does n’t halt seeing Jamie. But of class, reverend Sullivan is n’t happy that Landon ever comes about. He thinks male childs like him can merely hold one thing on their head, and that ‘s why he tries to maintain Jamie off from Landon. But when Landon comes to him to inquire his permission to travel out for dinner with Jamie, he decides to make what he learns the citizens of Beaufort in church every Sunday: to hold religion.

Landon has fallen in love with Jamie, although he ne’er would hold thought it, and although Jamie told him non to. She influences Landon in a good manner, she makes him desiring to be particular. Because of her, he wants to travel to college following twelvemonth.

His friends do n’t understand what is traveling on with Landon. He does n’t make things with them any longer and ever is absent minded when they are together. This miss truly has changed him and they ca n’t demur it. So they try to ache him by aching Jamie: they Photoshop a image of Jamie. But of class, that does n’t do Landon come back to his friends.

Subsequently in the narrative, you come to cognize why Jamie did n’t desire Landon to fall in love with her, although she besides had feelings for him: she has Leukemia and has merely one twelvemonth to populate. Landon is wholly upset about it and drives to his male parent, who he ne’er sees because his parents are divorced, to inquire him, as he is a physician, to analyze Jamie. When his male parent says he foremost hays to talk to Jamie ‘s physician, Landon takes that as a no and drives off angry. Landon lets Jamie cognize that he wo n’t travel anyplace. He will remain by her side. He decides to carry through all the things on Jamie ‘s list: he takes her to

the province boundary line with Virginia and tells her to put one pes on one side of the boundary line, and one on the other. Like that, Landon made her being in two topographic points at one time.

But so the fatal happens: Jamie needs to be hospitalized. Landon stays with her every twenty-four hours, until Landon ‘s male parent decides to pay for place nursing. Landon apologizes himself for all those old ages and thanks him for what he did for Jamie and they reunite.

When Jamie is back place, Landon makes her last wish come true: he asks her to get married him. They marry in the church of Jamie ‘s female parent and after a great summer together, she passes by. In the terminal of the narrative, Landon visits the clergyman to state him he got into medical school and says: “ I will ne’er bury the manner she walked to me the twenty-four hours we were married and I will ever lose her. But our love is like the air current: I can non see it, but I can experience it. ”

Fictional characters

Landon Carter

Landon Carter is the storyteller and supporter of the narrative who tells us how he grew up in the town of Beaufort in North Carolina. He tells his narrative in flashback, 40 old ages after it happened

At the beginning of the novel, Landon looks really gentlemanly. He is a regular pupil, and is truly popular by his schoolmates. Landon goes to church every Sunday and he is polite to his parents and instructors. He is ne’er chesty about being from one of the wealthiest households in town. His best friend is Eric, the best jock in the school. Landon even wants to be elected for school president. So at first sight there is nil incorrect with Landon but that ‘s merely show.

On the surface, Landon is a well behaved adolescent. But underneath the surface he is n’t. He invests every bit small as is required of him, leers at many of his schoolmates, and merely gives of his clip and energy when he knows he ‘ll acquire something in return. [ throuout ] the book he changes and becomes more adult up. He changes because of Jamie Sullivan enters his unrecorded. At that point, Landon begins to compare himself to her. After a piece he falls in love with her. Jamie is everything he is n’t: He ‘s rich ; she ‘s of modest agencies. He ‘s popular ; she ‘s an castaway. He puts in the least attempt possible ; she puts in the most she can pull off. He believes God would n’t listen to person like him ; she ne’er loses religion, even in the worst of fortunes. He avoids assisting others ; she goes out of her manner to assist animals of all forms and sizes. This force per unit area and guilt brand that Landon grows up to an extraordinary immature adult male. No 1 is coercing Landon to alter, but he sees his lacks and wants to be better.

Jamie Sullivan

Jamie Sullivan is a complex character who defies pigeonholing. Like I said, she is nil what Landon is. When she ‘s first described, she seems unattractive but throughout the novel you see that she is n’t unattractive at all.

Jamie is deceasing, yet she and her male parent Tell no 1 so as to avoid the commiseration that frequently accompanies such intelligence. Alternatively, she spends the last twelvemonth of her life assisting others experience the best times they ‘ve of all time shared with her. She is one of the best pupils in the category, yet she will non go to college and hopes merely to hold a big, happy nuptials before she dies. She has great religions but admits that it is shaken from clip to clip, as she awaits decease.

Reverend Hegbert Sullivan

The local Baptist curate, Hegbert was one time an employee of Landon ‘s gramps, but hequit his occupation when he realized how much of a stealer the adult male was and how much he was aching the town. Hegbert so became a curate and married instead late in his life. His married woman died when she gave birth at Jamie. In Chapter 1, Reverend Sullivan sounds like a stereotyped sermonizer, inveighing against adulterers and prophesying about the wrath of God. But if you read the narrative you discover that Hegbert has a great sense of wit and that he even cries at his desk over Jamie ‘s unwellness. This adult male is first and foremost a male parent, and second a adult male who has experienced great loss in his life, runing from a figure of abortions to the decease of his married woman to the impending decease of his girl. Throughout all his loss, Hegbert learns to sorrow, continues to love, and wise mans to his fold – non absolutely, of class, but with self-respect and religion.

Scene from the novel

Now we ‘ll read a scene from the novel. It is another scene than the film, because we wanted to demo that the novel is truly different than the film. One of Jamie ‘s undertakings is assisting the orphans from the orphanhood. This twelvemonth she wanted to make something particular for Christmas, because she knows she will decease shortly. So she asks Landon to roll up all the money in the collection-boxes that she made particularly for the orphans. When Landon counts the money he ‘s suffering about how small money it is so he gives 200 $ of his ain nest eggs. Jamie buys a batch of nowadayss for the kids and at Christmas Eve, she and Landon go to the orphanhood to observe Christmas with the kids. This scene we ‘ll read.

Deleted or altered scenes

There are a batch of scenes that are deleted or altered. That ‘s why we are merely traveling to discourse the most of import alterations. First of all the narrative takes topographic point in the late ’50 ‘s, so the people have their wonts, who are really different from our wonts. They are of the old clip, where the people all go to church at Sunday, even if they do n’t believe in God. Their gustatory sensation for apparels prevarications besides far from our gustatory sensation. So I think you get the image. On the other manus, the movie takes topographic point in the late ’90 ‘s. Their houses our more modern, their apparels are more portableaˆ¦ But, it ‘s still the old clip compared with who we are and what we have today. So in the book, there is a 57-year old adult male who looks back to his young person, when he was 17. And he tells the narrative that changed his life everlastingly. There is non such a flashback in the movie.

The school drama has a really of import function in the book. The narrative behind it, reflects the life of Jamie and her male parent. So when they play it, with Landon as one of the supporters, it has a existent impact on the book. In the movie, the drama is n’t so of import. They do n’t play that narrative, but something more modern, with a dance saloon and material like that. The ground why Landon has to play in it, is besides different. In the book it ‘s because Jamie asked him to. In the movie because it ‘s one of his penalties for his buffoonery.

Jamie is besides a really warm and lovely individual. So in the book she helps the orphanhood by roll uping money so she can purchase gifts for the kids. But she ca n’t roll up a batch of money, because the other students of school, merely laugh with her and give her paper clips and so on, alternatively of money. Landon helps her with roll uping the money, but when he found out that she merely has 70 $ for the orphans, he decides to give all the money that he has to the orphans, without her scruples. So he can give her 200 $ . After having the money, she is really happy. She besides visits the orphans a batch and negotiations with them and read books and narratives for them. After a piece, Landon goes with her to run into the orphans. They even spent Christmas all together. In the movie, they ne’er talk about an orphanhood. Jamie raises financess for a school, so they can purchase computing machines, but non for orphans.

A less of import difference is that in the movie, the parents of Landon are divorced. he has n’t had any contact with his male parent after he left his female parent. He is really angry for that. In the book, his male parent lives 10 months per twelvemonth in Washington, for his work. So Landon has n’t got a existent male parent when he grew up. He has besides a bad relationship with him. But after been persuaded by the female parent, his male parent will pay the nursing aid for Jamie so she can decease at place. In the movie, the male parent will besides pay it. There he is a physician and Landon asks him to travel and watch her and to see if he can make something so she wo n’t decease. But there is nil he can make, demur for paying the nurse aid.

At the terminal of the book, Jamie gives her bible ( that besides had been the Bible of her female parent, who died by giving her birth ) to Landon. It ‘s her Christmas gift to him, he gives her a jumper. He ‘s really happy with that present, because he knows how much that bible agencies to her. In the movie it ‘s non a bible but a notebook with citations from famous persons and the bible. It was besides from her female parent. At the very terminal of the movie, they are 4 old ages after the decease of Jamie and you see Landon sing her male parent. He gives that notebook to him and says that it belongs to him, it was from his married woman.

So that are the most of import differences between book and film. We can recite you a batch more difference, but we do n’t hold clip for that.

Nicholas Flickers

The writer of “ A walk to retrieve ” is Nicholas Charles Sparks. He ‘s born on December 31,1965 in America. He is an internationally-bestselling novelist and film writer. He has 17 published novels, with subjects that include Christian religion, love, calamity and destiny. Six novels have been adapted to movie, including A Walk to Remember, The Notebook, Dear John and The Last Song. Two other books are in the procedure of being made into movies and he ‘s besides busy composing two other books for 2011 and 2012.

Nicholas Sparks had already a batch of bad fortune in his life. His sister died of malignant neoplastic disease at the age of 33. She was besides the inspiration for the chief character, Jamie Sullivan, in A Walk To Remember. His female parent was killed in a horseback siting accident at the age of 47. In 1966, he found out that his boy, Ryan, was autistic ( a diagnosing that was subsequently determined to be in mistake. ) A few months subsequently his male parent was killed in an car accident at the age of 54. So you can state he lost many cherished people, at a immature age. But all those bad experiences in his life, were an inspiration for his books.

here you see the list of all the book that have been published. The notebook, message in a bottle, a walk to retrieve, dear toilet and the last vocal were besides adapted to movie. Three hebdomads with my brother was his first non-fiction book of going with his brother after they lost both parents and sister in speedy sequence.

Film scene: 1e scene

BoekA : kerstmis in het weeshuis. Jamie leest de weeskinderen voor en rain trees delen ze cadeautjes uit aan de weeskinderen met het ingezamelde geld. ( waarbij Landon een groot deel heeft bijgelegd.


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