During the latest VidCon in California last week YouTube showcased its mobile live streaming features by hosting the first live stream of the convention, which is an online video conference for fans, video creators of industry professionals. YouTube broadcasted live from the event from 9am to 6pm June 23 through 25 and within the live streams were backstage moments, interviews with video creators and key moments such as the YouTube keynote address from CEO Susan Wojcicki and a VidCon variety show featuring popular online video personalities speaking and performing. In the meantime the live stream also featured behind-the-scenes coverage of the event and testimonials of the VidCon experience from attendees of the convention.

The live coverage, which was available on YouTube’s VidCon page and the VidCon website, was undoubtedly a way for YouTube to present the mobile live video feature in a way that demonstrates its relevancy. YouTube was able to market its own mobile product to the Web video community and the strategy makes sense considering YouTube is first offering mobile live streaming to prolific video creators that have already built followings on YouTube and already have the soapbox to stand on to give publicity to the mobile live video offering when it is released to all YouTube users.

And on top of being a feature that existing YouTube creators can utilize to create a new business model that delivers a variety of video types to viewers rather than strictly pre-recorded videos, mobile live streaming can usher in a new slate on Internet stars, just as the platform has already done with video creators and channels such as PewDiePie, Smosh or JennaMarbles. The new video model will attract new video creators that will produce new genres of video that stray from the scripted, vlog-style videos that so many people have gained Internet fame from. Mobile live streaming will allow for video that is unscripted, unedited and uncensored, which could lead to success as well as trouble but mainly mobile live streaming will bring forth a new video experience within the platform for both viewers and creators. And with a brand as recognized as YouTube, combined with the discoverability that will carry over to live streams within the platform and a huge audience already using YouTube to view video, the addition to the mobile app will make it a player in live streaming that has the potential to disrupt the market–if it can catch up with Facebook.